Terra Firma Organics offers a variety of custom commercial soil solutions for development throughout the region. Because we live and work in Jackson, we understand the unique needs of the region’s soils and have the expertise and experience to handle the most complex jobs—from land clearing and custom soil amendments to large greenhouses, landscape design and golf courses. But our services don’t just stop at soil solutions. We provide all of the coordination, trucking and management for projects of any size. We also offer consulting services so you and your team are up to date on all regulations that pertain to your project.

Landscape & Construction

We have spent the last 15 years learning the unique soils of the Jackson Hole region, which means our team of soil experts is trained to handle the most complex jobs that require low-impact development expertise and custom soil solutions. Armed with this knowledge we work with cities, developers, engineers, architects and golf course, which rely on our materials, expertise and leadership to meet the current regulations and codes.

Our soils, mulches, composts and custom soil solutions are preferred because:

  • We are less expensive than other leading brands.
  • We deliver in bulk, providing trucking, coordination and support before, during and after the project is complete.
  • Our soils are third-party tested and verified for proper nutrients, composition and potential contaminants.
  • Our soil solutions are locally made and sustainable.
  • We are a Jackson-based business, which means dollars are kept in the community.

Our Bulk Construction Materials, which are all third-party tested, include:

  • Pure Element Compost
  • Mulch offered in different color options and sizing
  • O Horizon Topsoil

*All products are offered in multiple grades from contractor to garden.

Our Construction Services include:

  • Tree grinding services
  • Biomass Removal and utilization
  • Trucking and coordination
  • Exporting and importing materials
  • Clean wood waste grinding and sales
  • Material placement
  • Conveyer truck service
  • Blower truck service

Government/Public Works

Terra Firma Organics has worked with a variety of government entities including Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Park, and regional National Forests.

  • In Grand Teton National Park, we provided a compost spec blend that met all of their requirements for reclamation for land projects.
  • In the National Parks, we help utilize low value biomass in forests surrounding the region including grinding biomass from logging projects, and fuel reduction projects.
  • In Yellowstone, we provided land clearing for infrastructure upgrades and processed and removed the material with minimal impact in a timely fashion while meeting their requirements for full utilization and removal of material.

Our grinder, the largest in the region, is highly mobile, has the ability to walk through difficult terrain (thru forests, hillsides, etc.), and can grind trees up to 35 inches in diameter at any length.

Consulting Services

We stay up to date on all government regulations and will work with you and your team to help you understand what the regulations mean and how our custom soil solutions can be applied to your project.

  • Remediation
  • Site soils and planning
  • Public works topsoil specifications
  • Meeting soil quality and depth
  • Post-construction soil regulations